• Image of 2018 Supporter Packages

6CS has no "memberships" … If you want to support Cleveland's soccer team with us, you are one of us … There are no dues, no fees, no charges. That said, supporting the club with banners, drums, flags and smoke costs money, and we cannot do what we do without people chipping in and/or helping out. For 2018 we've put together several packages so everyone can get involved and help support Cleveland soccer!

$20: Help Us Help You
For a $20 Donation you will get a 2018 6CS sticker to help get the word out, as well as a bandana to not only help you look super-cool, but it'll be really helpful when Cleveland scores goals and smoke fills the air.

$35: Show Your Support
For a $35 Donation you will get the sticker, the bandana as well as the 2018 6CS Shirt in either a men's or women's cut. The shirt looks as good in the office or classroom as it does in the stands on match day! Not only will you be helping fund match day support of the club, but you'll look goooood doing it!

$50: "INVEST"
For a $50 Donation you will get the sticker to spread the word, the bandana so you won't choke on smoke, the shirt to look gooood… AND the 2018 6CS Split Logo Scarf! This option gives you everything you need to represent Cleveland soccer and 6CS on match day as well as investing in all of the other things that can truly make a difference in helping 6CS be the 12th man for our team!

For those ordering packages that include shirts:
Shirts are available as both Men's Cut (unisex) as well as Women's cut… Please specify your size as well as the cut of shirt you prefer in the "Notes or Instructions" field at checkout. All shirts without a noted cut preference will be shipped as "unisex."

We are using several vendors to fulfill these orders, so packages may be sent as part of several shipments. All scarves are preorders and will be able to be picked up before the first Cleveland SC match in May.

If you aren't local need your scarf shipped, please let us know in the "Notes or Instructions" field at check out and we will make arrangements with you.